Have you heard of Nothing Time? Coronavirus may let you experience it again.

There is something special about the moments that occur in nothing time. Not nothing as in no value, nothing as in nothing planned. Nothing happening. Nothing time.

Our strongest bonds are made when we are doing nothing. We are our most creative when we are allowed to be idle. Our brains require nothing time.

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Why I am hard on my Diabetic Daughter, even though I am so proud of her

In 2015, right around her sixth birthday, she lost a bucket load of weight. Her mother and I were really worried. She had unusually started wetting the bed through the night and was always drinking water. Her lips started to dry out and no amount of moisturiser would bring them to life. One week later we were in the hospital learning about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). I learnt then that she was now going to be responsible for her health in a way that no six-year-old should ever have to worry about. I learnt that I had to be hard on my daughter. Every day she does some things well, some things poorly and despite all this, I am so proud of her.

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