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About me

I've been a plane technician, a regulation and policy writer, a complex technical problem solver, a process refiner, a safety expert, a technical leader, and a sprinkler of knowledge and opinion. Throughout this journey I've realised that I've had a common theme to my actions; it has consistently been curiosity, connection and growth.

These three personal values have led me to wanting to continue to provide people with the tools to be curious, connect and grow themselves. I want to create Leaders at every Level, provide everyone with the tools to positively influence their environment.

On this page I will provide relevant information, inter-woven with personal stories and examples, to encourage others to examine their current mindset, shift their language and alter their behaviours and actions to become the best version of themselves.

Check in here for regular blog posts on Leadership, Growth, Personal Development and Mentoring.

I am passionate about normalising language and encouraging those I interact with to stretch. I welcome any feedback you might have.

Stay safe and high-five